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Find your best price on ferries to France . Compare our pricing on north sea ferries . cheap ferries to Calais and get the best deals. Book your You will also find your ferries to Holland and Spain .
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Here you will be able to compare prices and find the best deals on cheap ferries to France, Spain and Holland and th rest of Europe European Ferry and Eurostar and Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Train Routes on trips from Dovercross channel ferries, Portsmouth cross channel ferries, Poole cross channel ferries, Holyheadcross channel ferries, Folkstone, Fishguard, Harwich, Liverpool, Belfast, Swansea, Hull and North Sea Routes, and Stranrear to Calais, Dunkirk, France, Santander, Brittany, St Malo, Guernsey and Jersey, Cherbourg, Caen, Le Havre, Roscoff, Hook of Holland, Rosslare, Scotland, Belfast, Larne, Cork and Dublin Ireland. We have brought together the car ferry companies, Seafrance, Brittany, Hoverspeed, Condor, Fishguard, PO Portsmouth, P&O, Eurotunnel, Le Shuttle, Eurostar, Irish and Stena Line so you can find the best deaks for you. Information provided below lets you know what each operator offers.
If you are looking for a cheap cross channel ferries deal on crossings to France always travel mid-week, this is when you get the best prices. The process of checking pricing and booking your trip is a series of simple steps see above.

Brittany Ferry
A Brittany ferry offer a selection of routes; from Portsmouth to Caen (taking 6hrs) and St. Malo (8hrs 45min); Poole to Cherbourg (4hrs 15min or 2hrs 15min by fastcraft) and Plymouth to Roscoff (6hrs) and Santander; a luxury 24 hour cruise A Brittany ferry offer a wide range of entertainment for all ages. Relax in the Bars and Restaurants For those wanting to start their holiday early talented chefs prepare French cuisine. For night crossings a range of accommodation is available including commodore class luxury cabins, 2-4 berth cabins, and comfortable reclining seats.
The fastest way to cross the channel, Hoverspeed are the leading fast car ferry on the English channel service. Crossings are from Dover to Calais and Ostend and New Haven to Dieppe. Hoverspeed operates High-speed catamaran and monohull car ferries with up to 3 sailings a day at peak times.

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Sea France
With almost hourly sailings on Routes to France from Dover to Calais, a ferry trip can take as little as 90mins (70mins by Seafrance Rodin) Sea France are one of the leading cross channel services. Once onboard Children can spend time in the themed play area while you take advantage of the low prices in the shopping boutiques or relax at the range of restaurants serving French cuisine.
P&O Portsmouth
P&O Portsmouth's ferry fleet consists of six vessels, each selected to provide the precise service required by the routes of Cherbourg and Le Havre in France and Bilbao in Spain.
Stena Line Ferry Harwich
Stena Line ferry provides trips to Holland on the North Sea bridging both England and Holland and Hook of Holland.
Stena Line Ferry Ireland
Stena Line fery provides trips to Ireland on the Irish Sea bridging both England and Scotland to Ireland.
PO Portsmouth
PO Portsmouth's fleet consists of covers three routes and each is selected to provide the excellant service. The routes covered are those of Cherbourg and Le Havre in France and Bilbao in Spain.
Channel Tunnel
The most popular way of crossing the channel the high-speed link between Folkestone and Calais takes only 35 minutes. The link runs 24hrs a day 7 days a week. During the crossing you remain inside your vehicle in the air-conditioned brightly lit carriages members of staff will be available to answer any questions.
Irish Routes
Irish ferries offer crossings across the Irish sea from Holyhead to Dublin and Pembroke to Rosslare. Onboard you will be able to relax and enjoy your journey in one of the Authentic Irish Pubs and restaurants, or check out the tax free shopping. Children are also catered for at the themed play area. Crossings take 3hrs 45minutes between Holyhead and Dublin or 1hr 50 by Swift, 3hrs 45min between Pembroke and Rosslare.

Cross Channel Routes
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